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Hopefully this will help those of you that are shopping around for a new or used snow plow. It may also be helpful to those of us that own these plows. Below is a sample price comparison, as well as blade specifications comparison.


The following pricing information is taken from the web:
I am doing this merely to illustrate the little difference in price between brands for similar models from the most popular manufacturers.

FROM one site:
Each plow comes complete with:
Detailed Mounting Instructions with illustrated diagrams 
Plug-In Wiring Harnesses, including tie straps 
Complete bolt and hardware packages 
Mounting kits are designed for the specific vehicle and use as many existing holes as possible. This means minimal drilling and no special tools. 

ALL Plows are complete units and include Power Reverse, Headlights, Controls, Plug-in wiring harnesses, detailed installation instructions and mounting hardware (nuts & bolts). 

All you have to supply is the labor to install the plow and two quarts of oil for the pump. 


Brand Blade Size Model List Price *Your Cost
Meyer 7.5' (90") C 7.5 Husky $3,641.67  $2,485.00 
Western 7.5' (90") Pro Series $3,672.00 $2,514.92 
Fisher 7.5' Heavy Duty $3,851.00 $2,633.58
Western 8 1/2' MVP V Plow  $4,934.00  $3,359.74 
Boss 8' 2" V  Rapid Tach 3  $4,460.00 $3,299.00 
Fisher 8.5' Heavy Duty V-Plow  $4,916.00  $3,301.28

*Keep in mind these are PRE SEASON PRICES. Site says to add $100 once the season starts.

You can see that Meyer has the lowest list price for straight blades, while Western has the highest.
You can see that Boss has the lowest list price for V plows, while Fisher has the highest. Price shouldn't be the only factor when deciding what brand of plow to buy for your truck.


There is more to it than this. By that I mean the weights of the blades, materials used, etc. The information below is taken directly from the manufacturer's websites for each plow listed.


Brand Model Moldboard Thickness Moldboard Height Trip Springs Vertical Ribs Cutting Edge Weight
MEYER        C-7.5Husky 12 gauge  28"



3/8" x 6" 729lbs.
WESTERN       7.5' Pro Plow 11 Gauge 28"


3/8" x 6" 695lbs. 
FISHER    7.5' RD Series  11 Gauge 26"


BOSS        8' 2" V Rapid Tach  11Gauge 29 1/2"



1/2" x 6" 860lbs.
WESTERN      MVP 8.5 12 Gauge 28 1/2"

3/8" x 6" 880lbs.
FISHER      EZ - V  12 Gauge 28 1/2"





Each of the plows have their strong points. None of this information takes into consideration the hydraulic power units, that actually operate these plows. The speed and reliability of the power units is a whole other issue. It too should be considered when shopping for a new or used plow.

First and foremost when buying a new or used plow, is how close the nearest dealer or parts supplier is. The availability of parts is a major issue. Just because a place sells a particular brand of plow doesn't mean they can get parts for them as fast as you need them, or that they stock any of the parts you might need, when you need them most. A good supplier is very valuable! A knowledgeable dealer or supplier is equally as valuable. There's nothing worse than a dealer or supplier who doesn't know about the products they sell! There's plenty of them out there too, that know little about the products they carry, or only what the brochures say about the products. If there is only one supplier/dealer of a particular brand in your area, and he's not the best in service or knowledge, and only has a small inventory of parts, perhaps you should consider another brand. This is unless you can service and repair your own plow, which many of us do. Many of us also keep a small inventory of common parts, "just in case". It seems all the plow manufacturers now offer a "repair kit". Years ago, we carried our own kit containing the most common parts. This is a great offering from them, with most coming in their own little tool box. You can throw in a lot of the other parts that they have overlooked. 

Another concern is if they only sell snow plow parts, and don't offer service as well. There are many small auto parts stores that sell replacement parts now. Five years ago, this was not the case, plow dealers were plow dealers. The shame is, they only sell the parts. The good news is, they are a great back up source for parts if you make your own  snow plow repairs. The level of service you get from a repair shop or dealer can make you their best customer, or make you avoid them at all costs. 

Just how far are they willing to go to get you back in business, without taking the easy way out? Do they extend their hours during snowfalls? Are they open 24 hours during snowfalls? Do they have extra mechanics on duty during snowfalls? Do they often take on more work than they can handle? By that I mean, do you use them for other repairs, and always encounter a delay when picking up equipment? For example, they say a machine will be ready to pick up on Tuesday, and on Thursday, it's still sitting where it was on Tuesday? Do they sell you parts you don't really need to avoid labor? For example, I know many small engine shops that will sell you a new carburetor for $80, instead of thoroughly cleaning the one you have. It's an easy way out, and they profit more that way. Yes, at times parts need to be replaced all together, but often service is all that's needed. My brother had a plow shop sell him a new valve body, rather than try to repair his. It cost him hundreds of dollars, but I am sure it was a simple ball and spring valve that had gone bad. So choose your dealer, and KNOW your dealer. Your patronage is what keeps them in business, and their services are what helps keep YOU in business. It's a real shame when a good shop goes bankrupt from a lack of patronage. It's no great loss when a lousy shop goes under. I can think of many shops I'd never go to even in the worst storm as a last resort. They turned me off by their counterperson's attitude, prices, and general attitude of the staff as a whole. One of them just built a HUGE new shop and showroom. That one sold my brother rock salt in paper bags a few years back. We didn't even get half of them unloaded off his truck and they were ripping open all over, what a mess. I had him drive back there and we got replacement plastic bagged salt. No change in price, since the guy was overcharging for the paper bagged crap. Most places would be smart enough to not even sell salt in paper bags!

Remember how important service is when you choose your brand of plow!


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