Alan's Tailgate Salt Spreader Dump Door


Anyone who visits this site frequently, knows how ingenious Alan can be. This is a great idea, and I imagine in years to come, the manufacturers themselves will add this feature to their spreaders. It is such a simple concept, and saves a lot of back breaking work. It also adds versatility, as Alan points out. I will let Alan explain himself.


"I added this dump door to our TrynEx hopper. Make emptying it a cinch. The slides are 3'8" X 3/4" polyethylene and the door is a piece of 14 ga. stainless steel. I have access to a mill so I cut a relief on the back of the poly strips for the door to slide in. This is a closed view."


"After I had everything in place I cut a hole with a hole saw behind the door. Now it's easy to dump a load that isn't needed. Put a tarp on the ground, open the door and turn on the vibrator. Also works good if you need to get salt out of the hopper for doing sidewalks."


"That dump door saved me a mess of hassle this morning. Got a chunk of 1" stone in the salt pile at some point. It got stuck in the auger above the spinner. Made enough of an obstacle that the spinner would go into overload as soon as the vibrator was turned on. Brought it home, put a tarp on the ground and dumped the hopper, which was full right then. Took out the two bolts that hold the hopper in the frame and lifted it off the auger/spinner and had to pry the stone out of the flighting. Pain in the butt, but a lot less than it would have been if I had had to clean the hopper out by hand with a scoop."

This salter is on the S-10 with the custom bed that Alan built, featured on this site.

You can check it out here - Alan's Home Made Bed


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