These are Grade 8 bolts. They have 6 raised lines on their heads. These are what you want to mount bumpers, winches, and tow hooks with. A bolt with 3 raised lines on it's head is Grade 5 respectively. A bolt with 2 raised lines on it's head is a Grade 4. A bolt with no lines, is a Grade 2, and should not be used on a vehicle. The most common bolts on vehicles are Gr
ade 5. Only the steering system uses all Grade 8 bolts. the suspension even uses Grade 5.



This is an exhaust manifold stud. you can see the brass nut. This is a good idea, to reduce the chance of snapping a stud when removing a manifold. I use studs with brass nuts on exhaust manifolds whenever possible.


This is a
license plate light. Drill a hole, and pop it in. It also will work as a courtesy light, anywhere you mount it. You can get creative. I'm thinking about adding one on the inside of each door, right in front of the vent in the lower rear corner of each.


These are those dumb little end caps, plasi
-plugs, or whatever you call them. I save them, since they come in handy. Many new parts come with them on them. I use them to cap the ends of used parts that are still good, or holes on bodies, sharp bolts, all sorts of things.


This is a Stop nut. A self locking nut. No lock washer is used. These cannot be used where they will get hot, or the nylon will melt quickly, and the bolts loosen. Trust me on this ;-)


This is wire loom. It's great for protecting wires, and is relatively cheap in colors, cheap if you just want black. I'm very fond of this stuff. I got the blue loom from JC Whitney.


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