Sample Snow Plowing Contracts

Here I have put up three "sample" contracts. These are from a few years back. I want to stress that these contracts worked for *me* at the time. They are not perfect. They might not be perfect for you, and in fact, shouldn't be. I am putting them here merely to give you an idea of some of the things you should include on your contracts. I purchased these contracts from NEBS. I ordered them as  "3 part" forms. That means the original contract is three "carbonless" pages. When I would write up the contract, there would be three copies of it. I would tear out the "pink" copy, and save it for my records. The other two copies went out to the customer. The customer would then sign and return the original top copy (white), and keep the other (yellow) copy for their records. By saving the pink copy, if the customer had any questions, or wanted any revisions, I still had a copy of what I sent them, for reference. All of these samples are from before I joined SIMA and found out all the things that should really be in a contract of this type. When making your own contract, it is best to view as many other contracts as you can, take what parts apply to you from all of them, and come up with your own contract. Again, these are my personal contracts. You can find other examples of contracts on the SIMA website, in the Members Area, if you are a SIMA member.


Here is a prime example of why Site Diagrams are a must - What Lies Beneath The Snow

NEBS (New England Business Service, Inc.) has a ton of great forms. They have Invoices, Estimate sheets, Door Hangers, Magnets, and way too many products to list here. To see more, go to their site.

For more information on the benefits of joining SIMA, visit their site.




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