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Tailgate Salter - Receiver Mount

This is the control box mounted in the cab of the truck.



This is the top mount.
This top mount, came with two straight pieces of threaded rod. We had to bend them, after heating them with a tor
ch. This was so they would clear the tailgate, and line up with the mounting points properly. There was no way they'd have worked straight. They had to be bent. The receiver mount is nice. It has it's drawbacks though.


This mounting kit, can be mounted in the opposite position, flipped over, which would make the Salter be closer to the ground. The higher it's mounted, the safer the motor is. The day this was bought, we mounted it on the truck at my buddy's shop. When we got home, that night, my brother tore the Salter motor off, backing into our driveway, which isn't steep. He then bought a Buyers motor. The Salter is a Meyer. The Buyers
seized while sitting over the summer. He then bought a new Meyer motor. This one, is much shorter than the original ones Meyer used.
If you don't get a receiver mount kit, you'll have to drill holes, and mount brackets on your tailgate, and bumper. This kit, attaches easily, and is a great idea.



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