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On the left is the E-47, and on the right is the E-60.

There is also an E-60H model. By using a ruler, you can distinguish the E-60, from the E-60H.

Proper mounting of the E-47 lift ram. It goes in the rear hole on the lift arm when using the E-47, and mounts in the front hole when using an engine mounted hydraulic power system.
You can see how much higher the plow raises with the lift ram mounted in the rear hole.

Here you can see the mounting hole worn out where the lift arm attaches to the upper plow frame.

There is no simple fix for this. This arm needs to be replaced.


The above diagram shows the location of the "third" strainer / filter.


This image below will give you a better perspective as to where each coil is located.

<----- Front of pump. "A" Coil is located on back side of pump. "B" Coil is closest to the front of the pump, and the "C" Coil is located closest to the rear of the pump, or "on the right" in the above photo. The "B" Coil has a red wire, the "C" Coil has a green wire, and the "A" Coil has a black wire. These parts are often referred to as "solenoids", which technically they are. They consist of (2) main parts, the coil, and the valve. The coil, when energized, causes the valve to open by becoming magnetized when energized.... (did I confuse you?)

To remove the "A" valve (the valve is sometimes called the "cartridge") by using a 7/8" or 1 - 1/8" hex deep socket. To remove the "B" and "C" valves, it may be necessary to use a special socket which is available from your local Meyer dealer, and it is Part#21891. The cartridges should be cleaned by soaking them in Kerosene whenever you remove them. Any debris should be cleaned from the screens on them.


                    Rebuilding A Meyer E-47 - Step By Step DVD


Rebuilding A Meyer E-47 - Step By Step DVD

We chose to put these videos on a DATA DVD. It MUST be played on a computer. It will not play in a conventional DVD player hooked up to a TV. The reason we chose this route is because at just over 5.5 hours in length, it would require 3 DVDs to fit it all...


Manufacturer: Smith Brothers Services, LLC


Meyer C Valve fits E-47, E-57, and E-60 Meyer plow pumps

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Meyer plow pump C Coil fits E-47, E-57, and E-60 plow pumps

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Meyer C Coil $24.99

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