Here's two different types of magnetic mount yellow caution lights.
The large one is a Whelan brand. The small one, a "no-name".




These lights are generally expensive. I bought a cheap magnetic pair. I put them on for plowing, then stick them back in the cab when not. I wired them, but they came with a cigarette lighter plug. The cords are like telephone cords, self coiling. The wires are 16 ga., they came with tiny bulbs in them. I replaced them with the largest, brightest bulb that fit the socket. I cut the plug ends off, and wired the lights together using a switch on the dash to control them. They even hold a spare bulb inside the dome. Cost? Sixteen dollars each at a local swap meet. I've had them for 4 yrs, and they work great. They've been knocked off a lot by tree branches, but I just get out and stick them back on. If they were permanent mounts, I'd have smashed them to bits long ago.


Here's a small overhead console, with two lights, stripped off another vehicle.



Here's a front blinker assembly. You can see the gasket that goes between the housing and the lens, to stop moisture from getting inside. I paint the inside of my lights with chrome spray paint. It's more of an aluminum color, but it makes lights much brighter. Gloss White works well too.


 Here's a fancier solid Oak overhead courtesy light. It has two swivel aircraft style lights. I paid $12.00 for it new, in 1992.

 Here's a body gasket set. It includes door handle gaskets, lock cylinder gaskets, front blinker/marker, and tail light gaskets. Set contents vary from vehicle to vehicle. This is a Soft Seal brand set. They all fit perfectly on my trucks.



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