Leaf Plow Mounted On A Bobcat 12 HP Kawasaki 36"
 Gear Drive Walk Behind Mower


First of all, let me say this was a prototype. I tested it for two leaf seasons, and it worked. The mount on the mower, I originally designed to attach a front mount de-thatcher. It worked well with that, and it held up OK with the leaf plow. I planned on beefing up the mount for the leaf plow,
but then I got out of the lawn care business. I built this plow in 1996.

This is the start of the framework. It was a twin bed frame I got for free.

My leaf plow mounted on my Bobcat 36" walk behind.


View from the operator's position. You can barely see the swivel casters on the plow.


Front view. You can see I overlapped the ends of the rubber blade. This is to get the edge up tight against curbs. I lose less leaves if I can trap them against a curb. The rubber blade on this, is actually 2 sections cut from an 18 wheeler mud flap I had laying around at the time.


Top view of the mounting bracket I designed.


Side view of the mounting bracket. Quite simply, just some 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" x 1/4 " angle iron that I bolted and welded together.


A little more info on how this plow is used. You typically would blow the leaves off a lawn into a windrow, until it got to the point that the blower wasn't moving the leaves very far. Often, laborers with rakes help move the windrow along, towards the curb. Sometimes the leaves are raked into a tarp, and dragged to the street to be loaded into a truck, or left curbside for municipal pile collection. With this plow, you can move the windrow towards the curb, across grass. Once on pavement, this plow will move mountains easily. It also compacts the leaves. This worked well for me, since we left piles curbside for the town to pick them up. I would use the plow to push the windrow along the curb, into one smaller pile of "compressed" leaves. It prevented them from blowing around, and often I was able to clear enough room in front of a house for a car to park curbside, without having to worry about parking on leaves, and having the catalytic converter start a fire. You could also use this plow to push the leaves to the truck, if you use a leaf loader.


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