What Lies Beneath The Snow


You can see the broken edge on this concrete slab. It is obviously from a plow operator that didn't know it was there. The operator attempted to push back the windrow left across the driveway  by the town plow, and hit the concrete. I'd hate to see what his plow looked like after hitting this! You can also see the "Siamese Connection". This is where the fire department can hook up their hoses, and pump water into the building's fire sprinkler system. These should not be buried by snow, or have snow piled up around them, the same as snow shouldn't be piled around fire hydrants.


This is just another angle of the same damage. This is one reason why it is so important to tour all of your job sites prior to the first snowfall. These are the types of things you should be making notes about at each site.

Site diagrams are a "must". If you had to send a driver to plow the above site, with a site diagram, the driver would know where the above hazard is, without finding out the hard way... and costing you $$.

Here is a Sample Site Diagram. There are both Residential and Commercial diagrams on this web site.



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