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Anyone that has surfed this site (or Chuck's Chevy Truck, my other site) has seen Alan Nadeau's impressive  projects before. Alan has been letting me add his projects and innovations to my web sites for a few years now.

As you can plainly see, Alan is always improving on products already on the market, making them better than the engineers that designed them in the first place! I'm sure many of them would say "Now why didn't I think of that!" when they originally designed them.

You will no doubt enjoy the many little tweaks, and details Alan adds to his trucks and equipment, and possibly even add them to your own trucks and equipment after seeing them here.

Alan lives in Vermont, where he operates a successful professional snow plowing business.

Here Alan has gotten himself into a little trouble in this photo. It could have been avoided if someone took the time to tell him they just drained their swimming pool across this section of their yard!

Alan has owned his share of hot rods over the years, but now his main interest is trucks and old tractors. On the pages below, you can see many of his innovative ideas. He is always willing to help others when he can, which is why he is allowing me to have all of his projects on my sites.


Thanks Alan!



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