Alan's Hydraulic Coupler Protection


 "A couple days ago, over in the chat room, we got into talking about the problems with hydraulic spreader couplers rusting up.

Somebody was talking about their couplers rusting during the winter. I've never had a problem with that during the winter, mine usually weep enough oil that they stay free. But during the summer, with no pressure in the lines they get mucked up and rusty. I was also concerned about something hitting them and breaking the coupler or pipe.

I've wanted to do covers on mine since I put this truck in service (4 yrs now) and had done the parts up but hadn't installed them yet. Yesterday was the big day.

I started with 2, 2" pipe couplings and a couple 2" pipe nipples. I cut the couplings in half and welded each half around a hydraulic coupler. Had to be sure I put them on the right way, the tapered pipe threads wouldn't go together if I got what used to be the middle of the coupling facing out."


The 2" pipe nipples got cut into two different lengths so that they were just long enough to go over either a male or female hyd. coupler.

I welded a plate over the unthreaded ends and welded a 3/4" nut to the plate so a regular wrench can be used to put them on or remove them.


With the caps in place the couplers are protected from the elements, stone dust and dirt as well as chance of some sort of damaging impact. I sprayed the couplers liberally with white grease and slathered anti seize on the pipe threads before I bucked them up solid for the summer.

I know this is probably overkill but these couplers will be hell to change the way they sit right up close to the rear plate on the truck.




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